Boggess Elementary PTA Past Presidents


2002-2003 - Connie Buescher
2003-2004 - Cory Mattson
2004-2006 - Barbara Baselice
2006-2008 - Tonya Gosnell
2008-2010 - Pam Seeger
2010-2012 - Susan Rice
2012-2014 - Jennifer Almholt
2014-2016 - Amy Hemphill
2016-2018 - Ross Cornell

2018-2020 - Jamie Heise



Boggess Elementary PTA - Texas PTA Extended Service Award Recipients

In 1987, the Texas PTA Board of Directors developed criteria for the awarding of an Extended Service Award to those people who have continued to give outstanding service to the Texas PTA. The recipient must have been actively involved in the Texas PTA for 10 years and be a Texas PTA Honorary Life Member.
And, while the criteria for receiving the award doesn't specify that this outstanding service occur on one campus, our lone recipient has managed just that.

Angela Katai (2017)

Suzi Ferenczhalmy (2019)


Boggess Elementary PTA - Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership Recipients

Receiving an Honorary Life Membership Award is one of the highest forms of recognition to let a volunteer know how much a campus truly appreciates their dedication to our children and the community. The following individuals in the Boggess community have either been recognized at Boggess Elementary or another campus in the State of Texas:


Jennifer Almholt

Jennifer Arbuckle
Barbara Baselice
Pamela Bell
Kristy Bennis
Sukesh Biddappa
Shelly Bottlinger

Melinda Bruno
Antre'Shawn Buhl
Kara Burton
Marilyn Carruthers
Debbie Chenault
Ross Cornell
Cathy Curry
Edie DeWoody
Jim Duval
Elizabeth (Buffy) Edenkrans

Julia Farillo
Suzi Ferenczhalmy
Melissa Fly
Rob Foster
Susan Foster
Tonya Gosnell

Kortney Hale
Ricki Hart

Nicole Hawkins

Jamie Heise

Amy Hemphill
Robert Hernandez
Paula Heston

Mary Jeanne Higbee
Lisa Jackson
Dori Karman

Angela Katai
Mike Malone
Debra Mandala
Ann Matthews
Shannan McEowen

Stephanie Miller
Jean Mundy
Sherry Newell
Stephanie Ownby
Erin Pietrasik
Donna Ratkowski
Lorri Reyes
Susan Rice
Paige Schlegel
Megan Schuler
Sharon Swanson
Cindy Tamblyn
Anna Walker
Diana Wetzel
Joe Wetzel
Debbie Wharton
Natalie Williams
Jane Wylie