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Boggess Grade Level Spirit Shirts
Last Year's Shirt Design
Last year's design. Older shirts still available at a discount...
Each year, the Boggess PTA tries to provide a free Grade Level Spirit Shirt to all of the students and staff of Boggess. The students are asked to wear this shirt on Fridays to help foster a sense of pride and community among the students. They are also worn on field trips, in an effort to help keep track of students more easily and to hopefully make supervising and keeping them safe a little easier for teachers and volunteers.
Each grade has a different color shirt, chosen by the teachers, but the design on the front is the same, and the Boggess Bengal Creed is on the back. The only exception is 5th Grade, who designs a shirt of their own for camp, and uses that as their grade level spirit shirt.
In order to create the design, place the shirt order and have it delivered, we need to collect all of the students' shirt sizes.
To speed this process along, and get the students their shirts faster you can help!
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
  1. Create an account on this website, or Log In if you have done so previously
  2. If you are not redirected automatically to your Family Information for review, click either "My Account" or "My Forms and Paperwork"
  3. At the top of this page you should see the "Parent and Student Information" section. Click "Step 1: Family Information
  4. Review and update your information, then click the "Next Step" button at the bottom
  5. Step 2 - Student Information
    Review and update the following for each student in your household: First Name, Last Name, Grade, Teacher and Shirt Size
  6. Click the Save button when you are done.
  7. You can then proceed to the Directory & Publish Preferences; as well as doing other important things, like Joining the PTA :)
5th Grade
Your 5th Grade student should have brought home (or will be bringing home) a green sheet of paper that requires your attention. (It may also be listed as homework or a to-do item in their agenda.)
On this green paper, at the top, you can indicate your student's preferred shirt size. Please fill out this information and the rest of the form and have your student return it as soon as possible.

If you do not receive this paper, please have your student ask their teacher for another one; or as a last resort, contact your student's teacher directly.
PTA Elections
A Special Meeting was called and held on August 28th, in which PTA Elections were held. Theon following are the Boggess PTA Elected Officers for the 2018-21019 school year:
Officer Name
President Jamie Heise
1st Vice President - Programs [vacant]
2nd Vice President - Membership Mindee Gilbert
3rd Vice President - Volunteers Akilah George
4th Vice President - Ways & Means Mariah Lucas
5th Vice President - Hospitality Kathryn Fix
Secretary Ross Cornell
Treasurer Liz Parr
As you can see, there is a position that was not filled. If you, or anyone you know has interest, or would like more information, please contact president@boggesspta.org.
Translation at Boggess
Translation at Boggess
DELL Chromebooks and Boggess PTA

Dell ChromebooksIf you are considering purchasing a computer for your child to use at home, and are interesting in a Chromebook, you can purchase one and benefit Boggess at the same time!


The students of Boggess are already familiar with the Chromebook operating system, using it frequently at school...




Learn more...


Dell PTA Partnership Program

Benefit Boggess when you Shop

The Boggess PTA Participates with several Community Partners all year long. If you are shopping this summer, please consider participating with the following:

  • Kroger - Community Rewards - Link your Kroger card to the Boggess PTA and donate as you shop. (Requires yearly renewal)
  • Amazon Smile - Link your Amazon account to the Boggess PTA and donate as you shop via smile.amazon.com
  • Box Tops for Education - Keep collecting those Box Tops this summer and bring them in when school starts in August!
  • World Wear Bin - The collection bin is available year round, so as you clean this summer (or as your students grow out of clothes) you can drop select items in our bin located next to the gym in the west parking lot of Boggess Elementary.