In a perfect world, our schools would have unlimited funding for student supplies, student programs, parent programs, appropriate staffing levels, and anything else they need to prepare our students for their future.


And while Boggess Elementary and Plano I.S.D. are fortunate in that we are better off than many other areas of our state, the reality is that in recent years the State of Texas consistently ranks in the bottom fifth of all states in educational spending and per-student educational funding. (Learn more at the National Education Association, NEA - Reference Center).


Fundraisers are important to all of us, as they help "bridge-the-gap" and help fund all the programs that  Boggess PTA pursues to benefit the students, families, and staff of the Boggess community.


The Boggess PTA tries to encourage and promote fundraisers that build the Boggess Community and allow the students, family, staff and local community to have fun, while benefitting Boggess in the short and long term.


The Boggess PTA General Membership votes on what fundraisers we will pursue for any given time period or event. 


Click on each of the following Program links to find out  more information about each fundraiser and how you can help.



If you have additional ideas for raising funds to benefit Boggess Elementary, please contact