About Us

The goal of the Boggess PTA is to promote the welfare and standards of home life of the children that attend Boggess Elementary. To achieve this, the Boggess Elementary PTA cooperates with the parents, teachers and administration of Boggess Elementary to ensure that our efforts provide educational benefits in all areas of their lives. The Boggess PTA also communicates with and involves the surrounding communities to benefit the families of Boggess Elementary.


The Boggess PTA aligns it’s core principals with that of the Plano ISD Council of PTAs and the Texas PTA. The Boggess PTA is in good standing with our parent organization - Texas PTA - and as such is provided status as a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.


You can learn more about the official policies of the Boggess Elementary PTA by reading the Boggess Elementary Parent Teacher Association Bylaws (reviewed/approved Jan. 17, 2018) and the Boggess PTA Standing Rules (reviewed/approved Jan. 17, 2018).



What the PTA Provides


How does the Boggess PTA benefit the students and families of Boggess?


A quick read through the PTA budget line items would get you the same information, but here’s a condensed list of what the PTA does for the students and families of Boggess with the funds we raise:

  • Purchase Student Planners
  • Purchase Grade Level Spirit Shirts*
  • Purchase Science Fair/History Fair Awards
  • Pay for Speaker/Demonstration at Fall and Spring Assembly
  • Purchase new recess equipment for all grade levels annually
  • Set aside funds for Grade Level Class Parties (including 5th Grade Celebration)
  • Set aside funds for additional Grade Level Events
    (contribute to Grade Level Field Trip expenses, etc.)
  • Set aside funds for Campus Improvements
  • Scholarships (5th Grade Camp, Education Foundation, Plano East After Prom, 12th Grade Graduate Boggess Student)
  • Organize/Coordinate:
      • After School Programs (Chess Class, Sculpting, Art, STEM, etc.)
      • Chess Tournament
      • Family Fine Arts Night/Family Science (STEM) Night
      • Parent Programs
      • Bike Rodeo/Family Picnic
      • Yearbooks**
      • Book Fair
      • School Supplies**
  • Hospitality: At many events (Parent Programs, Grandparents Day, Veteran’s Day, History/Science Fair) and at different times throughout the year (Teacher Appreciation Week, Fall/Spring Teacher Luncheon, STAAR testing) the Boggess PTA provides drinks/snacks/food to Visitors, Volunteers and Teachers/Administrators of Boggess.


At Boggess, one of the goals of the PTA when fundraising is to plan events that are as inclusive of the students, families and staff of Boggess and that allow us all to have fun.


Additionally, our desire is to not have the students (and parents) roaming the neighborhood knocking on doors selling assorted items to raise money. Apart from the time and effort it would take, raising money in this fashion means that the PTA (and in turn the students) are losing a percentage of that money to the vendor that is used.


That is why, traditionally, the Boggess PTA has chosen to hold two main fundraisers each year; a Fall event (Carnival) and a Spring event (Dance).

(There are other fundraisers that are more passive – Amazon Smile, Box Tops for Education, Cartridges for Kids, Spirit Sticks & Spirit Wear; but the bulk of our funding comes from the big events and community sponsors.)


The benefit of these two big ‘event’ fundraisers is that the timeline for these events is shorter (part of a day or one evening) and once the associated costs of having these events are covered, the remainder of the proceeds can go directly to benefiting the students and families of Boggess. Additionally, the students and parents get to be involved and have FUN instead of worrying about how many fundraising items they’ve sold!


So, simply put, without the support and volunteering of the parents of Boggess, extended family, and Community Partners, this list (as well as all of the ‘smaller’ things not on this list) starts shrinking quickly.

Boggess isn’t just a school, it’s a community. And with your contributions the Boggess PTA can continue to benefit the students and families of Boggess in so many wonderful ways.


We encourage you to join the Boggess PTA, become involved if you aren’t already and work with us to make our school even stronger.


You can create an account and use the current membership form to join, or you can visit www.joinpta.org


* if budget carryover allows
** the Boggess PTA does not aim to use these events as fundraisers; the goal is to break even and cover costs. Any funds raised are generally a marginal amount to cover state taxes.